As well as being the leading provider of qualifications for our core sectors in the UK, we also work internationally with training providers and employers, many of which are based in countries where there are no set industry standards but which recognise the value of high quality, relevant training programmes.

Our qualifications
Our full range of qualifications is available for delivery through training providers or employers both in the UK and abroad.  You can search our full portfolio in the qualifications section.

Alternatively you may be looking for more flexibility: for instance, a tailored qualification to meet your specific needs, or quality assurance for a training programme that is already in place.  If your business could benefit from a solution that is outside our standard qualification range, please contact us to discuss how best we can help and support you.

If you're interested in learning more about how EAL has been working with international partners to help providers offer improved training standards, then please take a look at our latest case studies:

Quality culture boosts industry training in Oman
Building a succession of future leaders with bespoke management programme

Contact us
We work with training providers and employers from a wide range of industries within Europe, the USA and the Middle East and we are currently exploring expansion into South East Asia.  If you are interested in finding out how EAL can support you in the delivery of industry standard qualifications then get in touch.


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