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EAL has recently upgraded the EPA platform to ACE360 to deliver greater functionality to our valued customers. ACE360 is now your sole platform for your apprentices’ journey. Here is some key information to make your transition smoother.


From 1 January 2024, all providers are required to purchase tokens to create an apprentice record in ACE360. However, please note that the token cost will be credited at the End-Point Assessment invoicing stage, reducing EPA by £7.50.

Please see here for more information on token purchasing, and for other frequently asked questions, please visit EAL Connect.

Purchase Orders.

To ensure there are no delays to the completion of your apprentice’s end-point assessment, please include a PO number on each apprentice record on ACE360. For more information on how to add a PO number, please visit EAL Connect.

Apprentice data and document migration.

Thank you for your patience whilst we review and ensure all apprentice data is correct and up to date. Please contact our Customer Experience - EPA Team if you have any questions regarding your apprentices’ records.

Providers recently connected on ACE360. For providers who had learners on PREPARED and have recently connected to EAL, your apprentice records will be transferred to ACE360.

Please select the links below if you are:

For other frequently asked questions, please visit EAL Connect.