We are looking for new employers to join our Employer Industry Board (EIB). Our EIBs are formed of a group of trusted representatives from a range of sectors. The group meets periodically (remotely for now) to feed into T Levels for 16-19-year-olds, apprenticeships and the review of existing programmes.

The initial focus of the EIB members will be on T Level technical qualification development. The EIB will provide technical expertise and guidance to support the development of these new qualifications and their assessments. This may include supporting the writing, review and/or validation of both qualification content and assessment materials.

The Government is driving for more employer involvement across all forms of training and we would like you to be part of that discussion.

Complete the Expression of Interest form

For now, we are seeking employers to join our EIBs and support the T Level qualifications development from the following industries:

  • Construction
  • Building Services Engineering
  • Engineering and Manufacturing

Why join the EIB

Employer input is vital to the success of all our developments. You will be supporting the development of skills in young people that will be directly transferred into and will support the development of quality standards in your sector area.

If you are interested in joining our Employer Industry Board, please indicate in the expression of interest form your industry and occupational specialism (s) you wish to support the development.

What are T Levels

T Levels have been designed to offer a path for learners wishing to enter skilled professions.

Every T Level will include an industry placement and can now be offered with up to two employers to develop the practical and technical skills required for the occupation.