Our Exams System Is Available

We have now completed our upgrade of your Exams System and you can now run exams as normal. 

You will need to have installed the latest version of Secure Client to deliver your exams successfully.
To support you our Exams Team will providing an exam scheduling service for all exams due to be delivered Wednesday 3rd, Thursday 4th and Friday 5th March 2021. ​​​​​​​

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T Levels are designed to offer a path for learners wishing to enter skilled professions.

Every T Level will include an industry placement, and can now be offered with up to two employers to develop the practical and technical skills required for the occupation.

Employer Industry Board

Are you an employer?

We're currently looking for new members to join and support the following industry boards: Construction, Building Services Engineering, Engineering and Manufacturing.

If you are interested in becoming an industry board member, please complete this expression of interest form.


Webinar Archive

Here you will find the recordings and slides from each of our T Level update webinars.

November 2020

T Level Employer Welcome Webinar: Engineering and Manufacturing – download the slides | watch the webinar recording


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