Our Exams System Is Available

We have now completed our upgrade of your Exams System and you can now run exams as normal. 
Please remember, you will need to have installed the latest version of Secure Client to deliver your exams successfully.

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EAL Certificate Checker

Our new online certificate validation module is now available. This means that EAL Centres can now verify the authenticity of learners' certificates via our website.

Anyone can check the validity of a hard copy certificate or e-certificate using our certificate checker. This process is free of charge and does not require a login. You just need the learner’s name, certificate number and date of birth.

This service will give you even more trust in the authenticity of EAL’s certificates. A certificate number is only valid when matched to the name of the individual on the certificate, so it can’t be used by anyone else.

Click here to access the certificate checker.