Detailed Release Notes

March 2021 – EAL Core Systems upgrade to support BTL Surpass R12.24

Changes in Terminology

SecureAssess R11.09 Surpass R12.24
Exam schedules Schedule
Create Exam Schedule Test
Invigilation Invigilate

New Features

  1. Secure Single Sign In – using cloud-based SAML service OKTA

  2. New Sign In screens

  3. New Password reset

  4. New EAL "Hub" screen

Improvements to Existing Features

  1. BTL Surpass upgraded to R12.24 release notes
    a. New custom roles configuration
    b. New test templates applied/SecureCleint exam delivery appearance
  2. EAL Connect (SAP) replaced BTL Secure Assess 11.xx SOAP API’s for BTL Surpass 12.xx REST API’s

  3. EAL Connect integrated to OKTA REST API for SAML

  1. EAL Connect centre staff management screen for setting privileges has clearer naming and radio button selection

  1. Reduced the reliance on having to use BTL Surpass Viewer to view Flash-based content in the BTL Surpass admin screens

  1. Improved user and learner management tools

  1. Improved test creation and publishing tools

  1. Improved scheduling and moderation

  1. Improved Content Producer publication of tests and test layout consistency across all projects

Differences in Appearance

Text Description automatically generated

When using alternative browsers to Surpass Viewer to log into R12 (e.g.Google Chrome) all screens available to users, such as the ‘Schedule’ ‘Invigilate’ ‘Results’ screens, will only be operational with the HTML toggle enabled.

HTML Toggle Enabled:

With the HTML toggle enabled these screens will look a little different from the Flash reliant screens that we are all used to. Although these screens will look different, please be assured that their functionality is unchanged. If you encounter any difficulties navigating through these screens or applying filters to obtain specific data, then please contact us via email or telephone

Flash Toggle Enabled:

If users wish to revert to the flash reliant screens for reference purposes, then please navigate to Surpass R12 via Surpass Viewer, this will enable you to view these screens with the Flash toggle enabled. The use of SurpassViewer is expected to be discontinued at the earliest available date so we advise that you familiarise yourself with the differences between the screen appearances as soon as possible.

Housekeeping Our Data

  1. Retired all old/inactive centre staff users from BTL surpass, full historical records can still be accessed by your EAL Centre Support Team.

  1. Retired old BTL Secure Assess custom roles

Known Issues

  1. FS Examiner access is not yet configured and still in testing

  1. Marking screen misalignment issue

  1. Test question buffer size affecting some tests and causing misalignment issue

  1. Changes to user privileges in "EAL Connect" can take up to 1hr to take effect in Surpass

  1. Changes to centre details in SmarterTouch can take up to 24hrs to take effect in Surpass

  1. Self Service password reset will only work if a valid email address is associated with the centre user within EAL Connect

  1. When logging out of EAL Connect or Surpass you will receive an error and you will not be fully logged out, you will need to close the browser to ensure logout is completed.

How Will the Old Links Be Redirected?

All access to the old BTL Secure Assess system will be re-directed to the new Hub Page

eal.secureassess.co.uk eal.surpass.com/saml/login

This will help explain what happens when EAL centre staff use “Bookmarked” links from their browsers.