EAL Surpass Upgrade

Quick Start Guide for EAL Centre Staff

Signing into Your New Experience

We have built a new sign in and sign out experience for 2021. It has many improvements over the previous version. It is more secure and has a password reset feature, so no more need to contact support directly when you forget or need to reset your password.

One of the big improvements we will continue to roll out in 2021 is our "single Sign On" which means there will be just one password to remember for all our tools.

Forgotten Your Password?

If you forget your password, or you think your password has been exposed or compromised, you can reset it any time via our new screens.

Getting Help from Centre Support

We have our Customer Experience Team here ready to help with any issues you might have in the coming weeks as you start using our new sign in screens and upgraded exam system.

So if you need some support with signing in or resetting your password, just get in touch.

Using the New "Hub" Screen

Our new "Hub" screen is here to help you get to all of our tools form a single easy to remember place. As we develop more tools, they will be made available here for you.

What If I Can’t Access a Tool?

Access to specific tools is set by your Centre Coordinator from within the "Inline Services" tool.

Status Page Explained

We have also been working on ways to be more transparent and data centred, part of this is to share with centres’ our new "status page". It will give everyone some fast feedback on which key system might be experiencing some downtime. You can now see which EAL systems are operational and which may be experiencing issues.We hope this tool will be helpful to you.

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