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Logistics Qualifications and Training Courses

EAL’s specialist logistics operations and warehousing and storage qualifications are tailored to meet employer needs in a range of settings, helping businesses to run at full capacity and ensure the safe and timely movement of goods to the customer, covering activities such as warehousing, storage and logistics operations management.

From industrial plants with complex mechanical systems to warehouses and commercial ports moving vast quantities of stock, learners and apprentices can use these qualifications in logistics and operations to reach national standards and prove their ability to work safely and effectively. For businesses these qualifications provide a clear benchmark for skills development and help businesses to improve productivity, raise awareness of health and safety, and reduce delays from incidents in the workplace.

We work directly with employers and standard setting bodies to develop these qualifications, a number of which are backed by our Industry Support Programme to enable workforce development through essential qualifications that would not otherwise exist. We offer qualifications in:

  • distribution, warehousing and storage
  • logistics operations management
  • plant operations
  • port operations
  • supply chain management.

EAL qualifications in logistics operations and warehousing and storage cover Levels 2, 3 and 5.

Developed in close consultation with industry bodies, EAL qualifications enable businesses to equip their workforce with essential skills, improve productivity and efficiency, and provide real career progression for learners.

EAL qualifications in logistics and operations can lead to employment as:

  • Freight forwarder
  • Logistics operator
  • Warehouse operative
  • Distribution operative
  • Transport operative

Logistics Qualifications