EAL Level 3 Diploma in Clock or Watch Servicing

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Engineering and manufacturing

What is this qualification?

This qualification seeks to assess a learner’s skills, knowledge and understanding of clock or watch servicing. It has been developed with industry through the British Horological Institute and is based on their underpinning syllabus. It prepares learners with the technical skills and knowledge to work within the industry and leads on to more specialised study at level 4 and 5.

This qualification is gained when all the necessary units have been achieved. The centre will then be able to apply for the learner’s Certificate. The learner will also receive a Certificate of Unit Credit, listing all the units they have achieved which means that, if they don’t manage to complete the full qualification, learners will still have proof of their ability, and could complete the qualification at a later date.

What are the pre-requisites?

There are no entry qualifications or age limits required by learners to undertake this qualification unless this is a legal requirement of the process or the environment. The assessment is open to any learner whohas the potential to achieve the assessment criteria set out in the units of assessment.

Aids or appliances, which are designed to alleviate disability, may be used during assessment, providing they do not compromise the standard required.

Who is this qualification for?

This qualification is intended for learners already in the workforce seeking to gain formal recognition, or for those learners looking to enter the industry.

Qualification code600/1726/0
Credit value42
Minimum entry age16
Guided learning hours minimum300
Guided learning hours maximum42

How is this qualification delivered?

This course is normally delivered by distance learning, please contact the British Horological Institute for more information 

How is this qualification assessed?

The assessment of this qualification is by combination of:
 completion of a portfolio of evidence
 multiple choice examination
 practical assignments and examinations

Qualification documents

Qualification Specification

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