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EAL Level 3 Award in Electrical Installation Inspection, Testing, Certification and Reporting


The award gives an opportunity for individuals to develop and/or enhance their knowledge and skills in the inspection and testing of single and three phase low voltage electrical installations.

There are no formal entry requirements for these qualifications; however centres should ensure that the learners have the potential to achieve these qualifications. Learners must have the minimum levels of literacy and numeracy to complete the learning outcomes and assessments. Centres should make learners with particular requirements aware of the content of the qualification and they should be given every opportunity to successfully complete the qualification. EAL will consider any reasonable suggestions for, and from, those with disabilities that would help them to achieve the learning outcomes without compromising the standards required.

Those who wish to further their career in the electrotechnical sector

Electricians who wish to carry out inspection, testing and commissioning; and periodic inspection, testing and condition reporting.

Those who wish to obtain an Industry recognised qualification.


Practical demonstration/Assignment


Multiple choiceexamination

Practical examination


The application of knowledge involved with the inspection and testing of electrical installations. Each Award has one unit which covers the necessary learning outcomes for initial verification, and/or periodic inspection and testing of electrical installations. This includes learning outcomes about safe isolation, inspection, safe testing, pre-energised and energised tests; documentation and the practical use of test equipment. The structure of each of the qualifications is listed in Section 3. The examinations for these qualifications are open book. The on-screen allows the use of Guidance Note 3 Inspection & Testing Published by The Institution of Engineering and Technology.

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