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Installing Electrotechnical Systems and Equipment NVQ (Buildings, Structures and the Environment)


This qualification is a National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) and is part of the Apprenticeship framework developed by SummitSkills. NVQs encourage an employee to value their contribution to the workplace, and develop their skills and potential. It is recognised by the Joint Industry Board (JIB) for grading. This qualification requires occupational evidence.

Centres should ensure that the learners have the potential to achieve the units selected within this qualification. Learners must have the minimum levels of literacy and numeracy to comply with the health and safety aspects of the scheme, the completion of the learning outcomes and the assessments.

Those who wish to become a competent electrician Those who wish to pursue a career in the electrotechnical/building services sector Learners undertaking SummitSkills Apprenticeship frameworks.


The knowledge units have on-screen exams and internal (Centre marked) practical assignments. The performance units are locally assessed and require occupational evidence. The Diploma also requires the completion of Electrotechnical Occupational Competence Unit which is assessed by the AM2 at an NET Centre.

The knowledge units are typically Centre delivered though workshop practicals, and classroom study. The performance units require evidence from the workplace.
2357, 501/2232/0
Located in: Electrotechnical