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Installation and Commissioning NVQ

Engineering and manufacturing

This competence qualification involves the skills and knowledge to work effectively in a range of installation and commissioning activities. Successful learners will: develop skills and competencies relating to their specific role gain a recognised qualification to support their progress to further learning and greater responsibility in the workplace

Centres should ensure that the learners have the potential to achieve the units selected within this qualification. Learners must have the minimum levels of literacy and numeracy to comply with the health and safety aspects of the scheme, the completion of the learning outcomes and the assessments.

New and existing workers looking to confirm their status as skilled operatives or technicians. Apprentices in Wales undertaking the engineering manufacture Apprenticeship at level 3.


Assessment will be carried out in the workplace (unless otherwise specified) via observation and the collation of evidence in a portfolio.

This is a competence based qualification in which the evidence put forward by the learner can only be regarded as valid, reliable, sufficient and authentic if demonstrated in a real working environment, where work activities or work outcomes assessed are the learner