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Fabrication and Welding Engineering Technology

Engineering and manufacturing

This qualification covers the advanced knowledge and understanding of the principles, methods and technology involved in fabrication and welding. The qualification shares units that cover subjects including computer aided design (CAD) techniques, manual metal-arc (MMA) welding, producing sheet metal fabrications, shipbuilding operations and advanced manufacture techniques involving computer numerical control (CNC). A range of advanced units can support learners looking to enter higher education.

Centres should ensure that the learners have the potential to achieve the units selected within this qualification. Learners must have the minimum levels of literacy and numeracy to comply with the health and safety aspects of the scheme, the completion of the learning outcomes and the assessments.

Skilled workers looking to specialise in fabrication and welding, with the potential to progress to higher education.


The assessment of this qualification has two aspects – internal (centre- marked) assessments and an external (EAL marked) exam. The two common mandatory units will be only subject to external assessment. The remaining units will only be subject to internal assessment.
The qualification is not graded and only a pass can be achieved.