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Arc Welding

Engineering and manufacturing

This introductory qualification gives learners the knowledge and skills to perform basic arc welding operations. Developed to meet the National Welder Training Standard Code of Practice 1, the qualification allows successful learners to: Apply for the Licence to Practice from The Welding Institute (TWI) as a passport to employment in the sector. Achieve the national standards set by the Association for Welding and Fabrication Training and Education (AWFTE), the UK network of welding and fabrication professionals. Progress to Craftsman Welder or Master Welder level through further training.

There are no entry qualifications or age limits required by learners to undertake the qualification unless this is a legal requirement of the process or the environment. Assessment is open to any learner who has the potential to achieve the assessment criteria set out in the qualification.

Learners who are new to the sector or looking for a career change Workers looking to gain recognition in order to progress to higher employment and training.


Assessment will be carried out in the workplace (unless otherwise specified) via observation and the collation of evidence in a portfolio.

This is a competence based qualification in which the evidence put forward by the learner can only be regarded as valid, reliable, sufficient and authentic if demonstrated in a real working environment, where work activities or work outcomes assessed are the learner