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We continue to work toward important upgrades to Secure Client. These will provide enhanced functionality and security. Updates are now in progress and will continue between Monday 8th February and Wednesday 3rd March 2021. During this time our systems will be unavailable. 

Critical Action Required:

If you are planning to book and run exams between the 3rd March and 10th March, inclusively, we need you to provide us with prior notice. 

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Information and Communication Technology

Foundations For Learning and Life
Functional Skills

These generic qualifications show the ability to apply skills in communication, listening and problem solving to progress and succeed in learning, employment and everyday life. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) focuses on using ICT systems to find, select, develop, present and communicate information.


Apprentices and advanced apprentices across all sectors of industry. Anyone looking to demonstrate a fundamental grasp of practical skills in English, ICT and Mathematics.


Assessments are task-based and modelled on real life situations. Most tasks are open, meaning there is a variety of ways to solve them. Marks are awarded for method as well as correct answers. ICT is paper-based with tasks carried out using a computer. An initial session with internet access is followed by a longer session with no internet access.

Functional Skills can be based in the classroom or workplace: as they focus on applying skills in real life contexts, it is recommended that the key principles are reflected in the wider learning or work environment.