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EAL Level 3 Diploma in Gas Utilisation Installation and Maintenance: Cookers, Tumble Dryers and Leisure


This qualification in gas utilisation covers the knowledge and the skills necessary to carry out a variety
of applicable job roles in domestic and small commercial premises.
The qualification is based on National Occupational Standards (NOS) which describe the skills,
knowledge and understanding required to undertake a particular job or task to a nationally recognised
level of competence.

General Gas Guidance:
The Domestic Natural Gas qualifications are assessed through a combination of workplace assessment,
simulation assessment and knowledge assessment.
The Diploma in Gas Utilisation: Core Skills and Knowledge (EUSGU001) (Level 3; SCQF Level 6) is now an integral part, and a prerequisite of, all the Gas Utilisation qualifications. As such the following options are available to Learners:
• EUSGU001 may be completed as a stand-alone qualification* (see note 3 below)
• EUSGU001 may be completed as an introductory part of a larger qualification

This qualification is predominantly for learners who want to be gas engineers working in the gas
industry in UK, Isle of Man and Guernsey. The qualification may also be suitable for learners who are
interested in gas utilisation and/or are considering a career change. The qualification has been specifically designed as a competence component in the Apprenticeship framework.
It is suitable for learners aged:

  • 16-18
  • 19+

Where appropriate, learners will be assessed in naturally occurring planned activities carrying out their work tasks. Assessment against the learning outcomes of the qualification may be through practical observation and oral questioning. Performance evidence may be provided by the employer in partnership with the approved centre staff where established performance management processes are used by the employer to monitor staff performance.
The internal assessments will be a combination of on-screen exams, written and short answers and simulated practical assessments. The internal assessments are set by EAL and the on-screen exam is marked by EAL and all other internal assessments are marked by members of the delivery team at the Centre.
Where the assessment takes the form of written/short answer or multiple choice question papers, these must be treated as controlled assessments.

This qualification is made up of units to which appropriate assessment methods have been applied.   The units contain the learning outcomes and the assessment criteria that the learner is to be assessed against.

All learning outcomes within the qualification will be assessed.  In order to meet this requirement, it is advised that centres should maintain an assessment and feedback record for each learner.  This will detail the evidence evaluated against the learning outcome and the feedback given to the learner.


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