EAL Level 4 Certificate In Performing Testing Operations In The Lift And Escalator Industry

Engineering and manufacturing

This qualification comprises of units with knowledge and performance outcomes covering; meeting the requirements of health and safety, decision making, obtaining, evaluating and reporting on data and information used in the lift and escalator sector.  The learner will also perform testing operations on existing/modernised equipment and perform commissioning tests on new equipment in the lift and escalator industry.

This qualification is based upon equipment worked upon in the Lift and Escalator industry by those involved in the testing of existing equipment and or the commissioning of new equipment in the industry.

Learners must be at least 21 years old.

The learner must have the potential to achieve this qualification and have the minimum levels of literacy and numeracy to complete the learning outcomes and the external assessment. The learner must have a minimum of 2 years post qualification occupational experience. All learners being considered for this qualification must have had a skills scan by a relevant member of staff to determine if they still have the relevant knowledge and skills from the qualification achieved, they could have achieved the qualification several years ago and had limited contact in the industry and their knowledge may have diminished, therefore the skills scan may identify further areas that may need additional learning and/or experience, this can be found in Appendix 2 in the Qualification Manual.

This qualification is for those who hold recognised Lift and Escalator Industry Qualifications and wish to gain a formal qualification and industry recognition in testing of existing equipment and or the commissioning of new equipment. These individuals are specialists in their subject area and are responsible for checking the work of other installers and fitters and signing off lifts and escalators, confirming that the equipment is safe and fit for public use.  This work requires a high degree of accountability.


The EAL Level 4 Certificate in Performing Testing Operations in the Lift and Escalator Industry will be awarded when the learner completes a minimum of 5 units comprising of the 4 mandatory units, plus a minimum of 1 optional unit.

This qualification is not graded, it is pass or refer only.

The evidence put forward for each unit can only be regarded valid, reliable, sufficient and authentic if achieved and obtained in the working environment and be clearly attributable to the learner. 

Direct evidence produced through normal performance in the workplace is the only valid source for meeting the evidence requirements of this qualification. Simulation is not permitted.