EAL Building Services Engineering (Level 3) – Heating and Ventilating Craftsperson / EAL Peirianneg Gwasanaethau Adeiladu (Lefel 3) – Crefftwr Gwresogi ac Awyru

Engineering and manufacturing

Learners will develop their knowledge, skills and understanding for the trade, as contained in the recognised standards.
The qualification will allow learners to plan and perform projects in their trade, against recognised standards, before reviewing and evaluating the quality of the project outputs.
The qualification will be portable throughout the UK and is aimed to develop learners’ ability to meet the demands of the BSE sector in Wales.

On completion, the qualification will provide learners with the skills and knowledge required for the learner to be capable of working in their trade across the UK.

EAL does not set entry requirements for this qualification. However, centres must ensure that learners have the potential and opportunity to gain the qualification successfully.
If taken as part of an apprenticeship, then specific requirements must be met as part of the apprenticeship framework.
Entries for the qualification can be made via EAL Connect, see the EAL website for further details.

EAL cannot accept any registrations for learners under 16 years of age as this qualification is not approved for those under 16.

The EAL Building Services Engineering (Level 3) – Heating and Ventilating Craftsperson qualification has been developed to allow those in work-based learning to demonstrate and enhance their occupational knowledge, skills and understanding within their BSE trade.
It is aimed at learners who have either achieved the Foundation in Construction and the Built Environment (Level 2), or will be completing the Core in Construction and Building Services Engineering (Level 2) learning and assessments while in their apprenticeship. This qualification will enable learners to go on to study other Level 3 BSE courses relevant to their choice of trade.

It is suitable for:

  • learners aged 16+ currently working in the trade area
  • learners who have either passed the Foundation in Construction and the Built Environment qualification or will be completing their Foundation learning and assessments while in their apprenticeship
  • learners who have completed the EAL Building Services Engineering (Level 3) – Heating and Ventilating Installation C00/4278/5 and are progressing to become a ‘Heating and Ventilation Craftsperson’.

The focus of the assessments is for the learner to fully demonstrate the knowledge, skills and understanding set out in the qualification content.
The learner will be assessed in a number of ways to provide a clear indication of their learning. For this qualification, the learner must successfully complete:

  • Two On-screen assessments consisting of a range of multiple-choice question types.
  • A Practical Project made up of three sections that requires the learner to show their planning, performing and evaluating skills.
  • A Professional Discussion that contains one section, including the learner’s reflection on completion of their Practical Project.

Due to the nature of the assessments, the Practical Project must be undertaken prior to the Professional Discussion.