EAL Level 3 Award in the Commissioning, Handover and Servicing of Fire Detection and Alarm Systems to BS 5839-1

Engineering and manufacturing

This qualification will be obtained by the learner once they have completed the single mandatory unit  
This qualification has 38 Guided Learning Hours (GLH) and It has a Total Qualification Time (TQT) of 48 hours which is the notional time required by the learner to complete the qualification. 

This qualification covers the understanding and practical skills of the application of BS 5839-1 in the inspection, servicing, commissioning, and handover of fire detection and alarm systems.  It is a vocationally related qualification - therefore does not require competent evidence of performance from the workplace, or automatically prove competence, but will facilitate safe working in the inspection, servicing, commissioning, and handover of fire detection and alarm systems to BS 5839-1.   
The qualification is supported by is supported by the Fire and Security Association (FSA). 

It has a range of sector relevant outcomes covering health and safety, inspection and testing, limitation of false alarms and unwanted fire alarm signals, the handover process, the periodic inspection and servicing requirements, safe commissioning and handover, and the inspection and servicing of a fire detection and alarm systems.  

There are no formal entry requirements for this qualification; however centres should ensure that the learner has the potential to achieve the qualification.  Learners must have the minimum levels of literacy and numeracy to complete the learning outcomes and assessments.  This qualification is intended for learners who are working in the fire sector of the electrical industry and electricians undertaking CPD.   

This qualification is aimed at those working within the sector who wish to gain the necessary understanding and practical skills in the inspection, servicing, commissioning, and handover of fire detection and alarm systems.  It is also useful for electricians wishing to undertake CPD. 

The qualification is assessed by a:

  • centre marked written controlled paper
  • practical assessment (consisting of two tasks).

Key points:

  • the qualification assessments (and the qualification) is pass (or refer) only
  • practical assessment contributes to approximately 50% of the assessments within the qualification
  • the learner must pass ALL assessments to achieve the qualification
  • the pass mark for the written controlled knowledge paper is 60%
  • the practical assessment has marking schemes indicating what must be achieved for the learner to pass
  • an assessment specification for the written controlled paper is provided in Appendix 2 in the Qualification Manual.

The qualification is awarded when the single unit for the qualification has been achieved.  The centre will then be able to apply for the learner’s certificate.  The learner will also receive a certificate of unit credit.  The grading for this qualification and assessments is Pass (or refer) only. If the learner fails, they will not receive a certificate.  

This qualification is delivered at the centre.