EAL Level 4 Diploma in Project Management (Competence)

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The EAL Level 4 Diploma in Project Management (Competence) is gained when all the necessary assessment routes have been achieved.  The Centre will then be able to apply for the learner’s certificate of achievement.  The learner will also receive a certificate of unit credit, listing all the assessment routes they have achieved.

If the learner does not complete the full qualification, they can still claim a certificate of unit credit for the assessment routes achieved.  This will mean they will have proof of their ability and could complete the qualification at a later date. 

Assessment routes can also be taken individually (stand-alone units).  This manual must be used in conjunction with the delivery and assessment of any individual assessment routes to ensure that assessment requirements and methodologies are consistently applied.

There are no formal entry requirements for this qualification.  Learners must have been initially assessed to ensure they have both the potential and opportunity to achieve the assessment criteria set out in the qualification units and gain evidence from the workplace.

The Level 4 units have been designed to cover those learners who are either:


  • individuals who need to acquire project management competencies to enable them to become qualified project managers.
  • individuals employed as project managers but require additional competencies as part of an existing job role or to enable career progression.



The EAL Level 4 Diploma in Project Management (Competence) has been specifically developed to cover a wide range of activities and is assessed in the workplace. The evidence produced for the units will, therefore, depend on the learner’s workplace and tasks they undertake.

Competence based qualifications are undertaken in the learner's place of work.