EAL Level 2 Diploma in Manufacturing (Knowledge and Skills)

Engineering and manufacturing

This qualification provides learners with the core knowledge, understanding and behaviours required for a range of manufacturing related occupational roles. It takes a hands-on approach to training by providing the learner with:
• Core knowledge and understanding of a range of occupational roles from across the manufacturing sector.
• Core behaviours that will ensure success in their role and help them to achieve their potential.
• A wide range of core knowledge and behaviours that can be transferred across the manufacturing sector.

Further details supporting the requiements for the qualification can be found here:

The qualification will provide progression onto other suitable and appropriate Level 3 and Level 4 manufacturing qualifications.


  • apprentices working towards a relevant apprenticeship standard
  • apprentices looking to advance to the development phase of a relevant apprenticeship standard

This qualification is made up of units to which appropriate assessment methods, chosen by the advanced manufacturing and engineering employer group, have been applied. The units contain the learning outcomes and the assessment criteria that the learner is to be assessed against.

The qualification is achieved when all the necessary units have been completed. The centre will then be able to apply for the apprentice’s certificate of achievement. The apprentice will also receive a certificate of unit credit, listing all the units they have achieved.

https://hub.fasst.org.uk/Learning%20Aims/Pages/default.aspx No