Level 4 Diploma in Rail Engineering Advanced Technician Competence


This competence qualification has been developed by the Rail Engineering Employers Trailblazer group and as such is intended to provide the means to record the competency aspect of the Level 4 Rail Engineering Advanced Technician Apprenticeship.

In order to articulate the level of skills, knowledge and behaviours that are required to demonstrate full occupational competence in the Apprenticeship, the employers in the Rail Engineering Apprenticeship the Trailblazer group have developed an Apprenticeship Standard and an accompanying Assessment Plan, both documents can be downloaded from the Government website for ‘Apprenticeship Standards’

There are no entry requirements to undertake the units of competence unless this is a legal requirement of the process or the environment. Assessment is open to any learner who has the potential to achieve the assessment criteria set out in the units. Aids or appliances, which are designed to alleviate disability, may be used during assessment, providing they do not compromise the standard required.

This qualification is aimed at apprentices in the rail engineering industry who need to demonstrate their competence to enable progression within their workplace and careers, they could be learners who may have previously achieved a level 3 qualification in rail engineering and have the ability to achieve a level 4 qualification, for example:
• Apprentices that have completed a L3 technician apprenticeship, and are progressing in the rail engineering sector; this qualification provides the knowledge aspect of the Level 4 Rail Engineering Advanced Technician Apprenticeship Standard and can be attempted once the employer deems it appropriate to do so.
• Up skilling of career changers who have may existing technical engineering competence and need this to be recognised in a qualification.

Centres are advised to consider, during delivery and assessment of the qualifications, the support, guidance and opportunities they will need to give learners to enable them to meet the demands of the units.


The qualification is assessed by an assessor who validates the portfolio evidence and supports with assessor workplace observation and questioning. The assessor and the apprentice also agree an assessment plan of what will be done and when.

The content of this qualification covers the competency requirements of the Level 4 Rail Engineering Advanced Technician required by an Apprentice working or wishing to progress in Rail Engineering. This qualification is assessed by the apprentice gathering evidence in the workplace to support the recording of their competence.


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