Level 1 Diploma in Practical Construction Operations

Logistics and operations

The EAL Level 1 Diploma in Practical Construction Operations is a Vocational Related Qualification (VRQ). The content and structure of the qualification has been developed to provide learners with an introduction to a variety of trades within the construction industry.
It allows the learner to acquire the essential knowledge of health and safety in a construction environment and fundamental knowledge and skills of multiple trades within the construction sector.

Learners must be at least 14 years old.

Learners who have no previous experience or knowledge of the construction trades but are seeking employment into the construction sector.

Learners who wish to undertake a Level 1 qualification in preparation for further study at Level 2

Learners who wish to acquire fundamental knowledge and skills in construction operations.

Learners who area currently working in the construction industry but want to expand on their existing practical construction skills (multi-skilled operations.


Assessment methods:

Portfolio of evidence

Practical demonstration/Assignment

Task based controlled assessment.

Delivered in the classroom or training centre, this qualification can be taken by school and college students wishing to gain a clearer understanding of the construction industry or by career changers.