Business-Improvement Techniques

Business-Improvement Techniques

This qualification is a Vocationally Related Qualification (VRQ) which focuses on the knowledge and, where appropriate, the practical skills associated with leading lean business improvement. This arrangement ensures that when the learner completes the qualification they will have gained some practical experience and expectation of some of the situations that they could face within the occupational sector in which it is being delivered.

There are no entry qualifications or age limits required by learners to undertake this qualification unless this is a legal requirement of the process or the environment. Assessment is open to any learner who has the potential to achieve the assessment criteria set out in the units of assessment.

This qualification is for learners who wish to learn about lean business improvement techniques and have the ability to achieve a Level 3 qualification. It is also suitable for those with responsibility for improving business performance such as team leaders, process improvement and quality assurance personnel.


Internal assessments in the form of practical assignments test the knowledge and practical skills of the learners within the unit. They are Centre marked by members of the delivery team and involve collecting and evaluating evidence that demonstrates achievement of the learning outcomes. Centres are permitted to use their own assignment provided they cover the requirements of the unit and the assignment specification as detailed for the unit. Centres wishing to use their own assignment must submit their proposals to EAL via their External Verifier for agreement. Any Centre devised assignment must be mapped against the unit to show how the unit is being assessed and which assessment criteria are being covered. The Centre

Unit delivery packs are designed to assist the delivery staff and contain the unit learning outcomes, assessment criteria and the practical assessment details. They also contain the assessment materials (internal assignments and worksheets) and the guidance and instructions needed for carrying out and administering the internal assessments.