Engineering and Technology

Engineering and manufacturing

This qualification gives successful learners a broad introduction to the practices and processes of engineering technology. It takes a hands-on approach to basic engineering training, allowing successful learners to gain: experience and understanding of a range of potential careers in the sector a stepping stone to further study and skills development the personal skills to work effectively and achieve their potential. This qualification counts towards the Progress 8 measure.

No previous qualifications required

Learners who are new to the sector or looking for a career change 14 to 16 year old learners as part of a school or college programme before entering further education


The Qualification is assessed by:

  • portfolio of assessment
  • verbal/written questioning
  • witness testimony
  • assessor observations

Performance evidence must be the main form of evidence gathered. In order to demonstrate consistent competent performance for a unit, a minimum of three different examples of performance of the unit activity will be required. It is recommended that where possible evidence is gathered holistically and that the assessment evidence for the mandatory units is gathered during the performance of the optional units. Evidence should be obtained as a whole, where practically possible, since competent performance in the optional assessment routes is often dependent on competence in the mandatory assessment routes. Learners are not required to complete an exam for this qualification.

This is a competence based qualification in which the evidence put forward by the learner can only be regarded as valid, reliable, sufficient and authentic if demonstrated in a real working environment, where work activities or work outcomes assessed are the learner