Performing Engineering Operations NVQ

Engineering and manufacturing

This qualification is a National Vocational qualification (NVQ). It involves the skills and knowledge needed to do the job, ability to organise work and identify and prevent problems. NVQs are based on national occupational standards, which the learner must meet to be competent in a particular task. The achievement of NVQs will encourage an employee to value their contribution to the workplace, and it will develop their skills and potential.

There are no entry requirements for the PEO assessment routes unless this is a legal requirement of the process or the environment. Assessment is open to any learner who has the potential to reach the assessment requirements set out in the relevant assessment routes.

Individuals who need to acquire engineering competencies in a realistic, sheltered and controlled environment such as that offered by schools, colleges, training providers, company training centers, HM Prison Services and the MOD training workshops. This will then enable a safe progression into the workplace/employment.


The qualification is assessed by: holistic assessment portfolio of evidence (could be electronic) verbal questioning witness testimony knowledge and understanding. The PEO assessment routes are intended to have a wide application throughout the engineering sector. It is necessary therefore to have a flexible approach to the environment in which the assessment routes are delivered and assessed. There will be learners who have been working in an industry for some time and wish to acquire a broad range of basic competencies as part of an existing job role or to enable career progression. The PEO assessment routes will satisfy that need.

PEO can be delivered in the workplace (in a sheltered environment) or at a Centre through workshop activities etc. There is no exam. PEO is also the foundation into other engineering qualifications and gives learners an insight to engineering.