Installing, Testing and Ensuring Compliance of Electrical Installations in Dwellings


This qualification meets the minimum qualification level for qualified supervisors responsible for electrical work in domestic properties subject to Part P of the Building Regulations (England and Wales). It will provide the learner with the skills and knowledge needed for ensuring the safety, quality and technical standard of the electrical installation work carried out by the enterprise. The qualification comprises knowledge and performance within ‘combination units’.

Learners must have the maturity and potential ability to meet the requirements of the assessment criteria for each learning outcome of the qualification units. Centres should ensure that the learners have the potential to achieve the units selected within the qualification. Learners must have the minimum levels of literacy and numeracy to comply with the health and safety aspects of the scheme, the completion of the learning outcomes and the external assessment.

Those who want to become qualified supervisors responsible for electrical work in domestic properties subject to Part P of the Building Regulations (England and Wales).


Knowledge learning outcomes have on-screen exams and a centre marked assignment. Performance learning outcomes are locally assessed (using occupational evidence and/or simulated assessment).

There is also an optional route of assessment for experienced operatives that involves knowledge based professional discussion and auditable evidence of competence from prior achievements.

This qualification can be delivered by a mixture of practical workshops and theory classes.

2360, 2357, 2391
Located in: Electrotechnical