Level 3 Advanced Diploma in Plumbing


The qualification provides learners with practical experience of plumbing and an expectation of some of the situations that they could face as a plumber in the building services sector. It builds on the Level 2 Diploma by providing learners with more advanced knowledge and the related practical skills they will need to pursue a career in this occupational area, including the installation, commissioning, servicing and maintenance of domestic cold water, hot water, central heating and sanitation systems, as well as the fundamental principles of environmental technology systems.

Learners must be at least 16 years of age and have successfully completed the Level 2 Intermediate Diploma in Plumbing. They must also demonstrate that they have the potential to achieve all aspects of the qualification. In particular, learners should be able to demonstrate that they have the minimum levels of literacy and numeracy required to comply with the health and safety aspects of the scheme, the completion of the learning outcomes, and the assessments.

The Level 3 Advanced Diploma in Plumbing is intended as a Technical Level qualification. It has been specifically designed for 16-19 year old learners in full time education who have completed the Level 2 Intermediate Diploma in Plumbing as part of their 16-19 Study Programme and who are interested in pursuing a career in this occupational area. The qualification may also be suitable for other learners, including adults, who are interested in plumbing and/or are considering a career change.


Assessment includes externally set and marked examinations, Centre marked assignments/practical tests, and a final cross-unit synoptic assessment.

The qualification can be delivered in a school, college or other learning provider, using a combination of practical workshops and theory sessions. If delivered as part of an integrated 16-19 learning programme the Level 2 Intermediate Diploma and the Level 3 Advanced Diploma will normally be delivered in close succession (e.g. Level 2 in year one and Level 3 in year 2), allowing learners to progress through Level 2 and directly into Level 3.

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