Team Leadership in a Manufacturing Environment

Engineering and manufacturing

This qualification is a Vocationally Related Qualification (VRQ) which sits on the Qualification andCredit Framework (QCF)(Appendix 1) and has been approved by Enginuity , the Sector Skills Council (SSC). The qualification focuses on the knowledge and, where appropriate, the practical skills associated with lean business improvement. This arrangement ensures that when the learnercompletes the qualification they will have gained some practical experience and expectation of some of the situations that they could face within the occupational sector in which it is being delivered.

It covers the intermediate level knowledge and understanding of lean business improvement and has been developed in consultation with colleges, training associations and industry to ensure that it meets the needs of employers and learners. The qualification has huge potential benefits for those engaging with lean business principles across all sectors - not just manufacturing. This qualification does not require occupational evidence.

There are no entry qualifications or age limits required by learners to undertake this qualification unless this is a legal requirement of the process or the environment. Assessment is open to any learner who has the potential to achieve the assessment criteria set out in the units of assessment.

- Those who are or aspire to be a team leader within the manufacturing environment.

- Those who work with a team to solve occurring problems within the manufacturing environment.

- Those who are responsible for their own safety and possibly the safety of others

- Those who wish to formalise their leadership experience of the manufacturing industry.


This qualification is assessed by a series of internal (centre marked) assignments. The learner must pass all the internal assignments of their chosen units to achieve the qualification. EAL will externally verify the assessment process. The EAL Centre Operations Manual must be followed in the delivery of assignments. Additional assignment guidance is provided in document QTME3AG which accompanies this manual.