Earlier this year, we conducted a Customer Satisfaction survey, with nearly 300 participants providing valuable feedback that has helped guide us in our ongoing pursuit of improvement in areas that matter most to you. I want to again express our sincere gratitude for your time, contribution, and continued support. 

Being your customer champion is not merely a role; it’s a privilege and a promise. Your satisfaction, needs, and success are at the heart of everything we do. As your customer champion, my purpose is clear – to not only be the conduit through which your thoughts, concerns and aspirations are communicated throughout our organisation, but to ensure change is meaningful, impactful and long-term, and that your interests are at the forefront of every decision. 


While we take pride in the accomplishments you acknowledged in your customer satisfaction scoring and feedback, we also recognise areas where improvement is needed. Your candid feedback has been instrumental in shaping positive changes, acting as a springboard for us to refine our approach and better serve you. 


Some of the key priorities for improvement you wanted us to focus on were in areas such as: 


  • Strengthening our problem-solving capabilities to better address your enquiries 

  • Improving the End Point Assessment offer, including more access to guidance and support 

  • Expanding the range of high-quality tutor resources to better support your needs 

  • Keeping you informed about changes to processes, qualifications and new products 


Without further ado, let’s delve into some of the specific enhancements and improvements we’ve made, resulting from your valuable input:  


✔ Technical Advisors: We’ve introduced the role of Technical Advisor and recruited a dedicated new team in each of EAL’s flagship sectors. This ensures you have access to specialist knowledge and support, equipping you to confidently deliver learning, leading to the successful completion of our EAL End Point Assessments and qualifications. 


✔ Expanded Suite of Materials: Our Product Team has invested significantly to expand delivery materials to facilitate course and qualification instruction, with an initial focus on popular qualifications such as Level 3 Electrotechnical and Machining. Our aim is to broaden the range of resources across a wider range of qualifications in 2024 and beyond. 


✔ End Point Assessment Platform: We’ve heavily invested in upgrading our End Point Assessment platform to ACE360, offering a more intuitive dashboard, a clearer view of outcomes and results, and access to improved support materials. 


✔ Enhanced Customer Support: We’ve introduced a dedicated role in our Customer Experience Team to support customers with EPA specific enquiries and training needs, alongside restructuring our End Point Assessment Service to increase resource capacity for more efficient responses. 


✔ Streamlined Processes: Investments in our internal systems and training have streamlined our processes, enhancing our ability to address and resolve your enquiries more efficiently.  


✔ Upgraded Exam Software: We’ve upgraded our Exam software, migrating from Flash to HTML, resulting in a more user-friendly and adaptable interface, ensuring better compatibility and accessibility for a seamless digital experience. 


We hope these efforts demonstrate our commitment to taking your feedback seriously and making significant improvements to enhance your customer experience with us. Our journey doesn't stop here – we have more planned for 2024 and beyond, all thanks to your insight, and I look forward to updating you on these developments in future editions of Spotlight. 


Your satisfaction remains our top priority, and we encourage you to provide feedback at any time through your Connect account or by contacting us at [email protected] or 01923 652400. 


Thank you for your continued support of EAL and for being an integral part of our journey towards continuous improvement. We are committed to serving you and your needs and will continue to work hard to elevate your experience with us. 


Alexandra Buckingham  

Customer Experience Manager at EAL