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Watch now to discover the impact of Qualification Reforms (England Only) within Engineering & Manufacturing and Building Services Engineering.

In this webinar, Rob Stott, Sam Ashman and Kevin Sparrow, presented an in-detail overview of the significant changes caused by Post-16 reforms to England’s Level 2 and Level 3 qualifications across Engineering & Manufacturing and Building Services Engineering.

The webinar was part of our commitment to continually support our providers and employers to understand the reforms in more detail to allow centres to make informal choices about their curriculum offers and confidently deliver EAL qualifications.Our speakers also detailed our reformed offer at Level 3 and Level 2, which will impact full-time learners and adults, ensuring centres are aware of the timeline implications around the reforms.

The informative Q&A session is also included at the end of this webinar recording, but if you have a question about qualification reforms that wasn't asked, please contact Rob, Kevin or Sam using the email addresses provided below.

Click here to watch the webinar!

If you do have any questions you’d like to raise about the EAL Qualifications Reforms, you can contact our experts:

Rob Stott- [email protected]

Kevin Sparrow- [email protected]

Samantha Ashman- [email protected]