SQA Accreditation, the qualifications regulator in Scotland, completed provider audits across centres in March. As a result, a number of improvement actions were identified.

To ensure compliance and in line with EAL's recognition requirements centres should be:

  • Undertaking risk assessments at assessment locations

Centres must undertake a formal health, safety and welfare risk assessment at any assessment location. This should be documented and held by the centre for inspection by EAL.

Centre staff are responsible for ensuring that all risks at assessment locations are managed on an on-going basis. Where deficiencies or concerns are identified they must be reported and managed appropriately to safeguard and reduce any risk.

  • Maintaining Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Records

Centres must provide staff with the appropriate induction and the opportunity for professional development (including a development plan) to ensure they can maintain their expertise and competence for the qualifications they deliver.

EAL requires that centre staff delivering, assessing and quality assuring its qualifications regularly update their occupational expertise and sector knowledge in the areas being assessed through planned CPD. A record of any CPD should be maintained in an up-to-date CPD log, held at the centre and available for inspection by EAL.

Examples of CPD could be (but not limited to):

• External employer visits
• Webinars
• Achievement of new or updated training or qualifications, including both technical and assessor qualifications
• Attendance at seminars and/or conferences and employer forums
• Attendance at development days
• Developing skills in; report writing, questioning techniques, managing behaviours, effective communication, time management, keeping up to date with future technologies and systems that are continuously evolving, reviewing subject specific journals and academic papers, keeping up to date with health and safety and risks in subject area

  • Keeping learners' information safe and secure

Centres are reminded of the importance of keeping learners' certificates, assessment material and portfolios secure at all times.

As a minimum, centres should ensure that they have a room that can be secured and have a strong non-portable safe or a metal cabinet with a full locking system in place.

Where a breach has occurred; EAL must be informed as soon as possible and all reasonable action must be taken by the centre to avoid any adverse effects that could affect the validity of the assessments or certificates.

If you have any queries regarding the audit feedback please contact your EQA. Alternatively contact our Customer Experience team or call on 01923 642400.