Following customer feedback and to support with mitigating maladministration and malpractice, we have made an improvement to the EAL Connect system, making it easier for you to identify important dates for EAL qualifications.

You will now see in the EAL Connect system that all qualifications have a 'review date'.

This review date is initially set when the qualification is first accredited. Prior to the review date, EAL will review the qualification and consider a range of factors that may include; customer feedback during the life of the qualification, usage, currency of content and whether a new qualification has superseded the one under review.

Following the qualification review, EAL will either extend the review date so the qualification will carry on until the next planned review, or will take a decision to withdraw the qualification. If the qualification is to be withdrawn, the ‘registration end date’ will be communicated to EAL centres with a minimum notification time of 6 months before the withdrawal date (to allow last registrations) and a new 'certification end date' will also be set. This will allow you to continue to register learners on the qualification until the withdrawal date. The certification end date will provide a reasonable amount time to ensure learners can complete the qualification, (for Level 1 qualifications this is one year and for Levels 2 and 3, it is two years).

Please also keep an eye on the ‘Changes to qualifications’ area of the website for information on any end dates and (where appropriate) replacement or alternative qualifications available.

For further support on maladministration and malpractice please see the current EAL Malpractice & Maladministration Policy which can be found in the Document Library > Centre Support area of the website.

You can also watch the EAL Support Surgery Webinar: ‘How to avoid Late Registrations and Certifications’ for additional support.

If you have any queries regarding this, please contact your EQA, or our Customer Services Team on +44 (0)1923 652400 or email [email protected]