The rail sector is currently benefitting from the most significant investment in rail since Victorian times. With ambitious, high profile projects creating a skills shortage like never before, EAL is ensuring 21st century working practices and standards across railway engineering training.

EAL’s close working relationship with industry results in qualifications that are recognised and supported by professional bodies including The National Skills Academy for Railway Engineering (NSARE).

They will furnish you with qualifications designed to help deliver the skilled engineers needed to meet the UK’s growing skills demand.

EAL rail qualifications cover:

  • Track
  • Electrification and Overhead Line Construction (OLC) Qualifications
  • Signalling and Telecoms
  • Traction and Rolling Stock.

Featuring in the latest Enginuity Apprenticeship frameworks for Railway Engineering, EAL rail qualifications also map to existing mandatory railway industry standards. This makes them relevant for both new learners and existing workforces.

Expert support and quality assurance

EAL is the only UK awarding organisation that employs a complete team of External Quality Assurers (EQAs) who are fully qualified, time-served professionals. For you, this means access to expert support from a dedicated, full-time EQA who holds a Personal Track Safety (PTS) certification, enabling trackside assistance for you and your learners.

EAL Centres also benefit from:

  • exemplar guidance developed to support assessors and learners throughout the assess-ment planning process
  • innovative A6 logbooks to help track learners progress
  • high quality personalised learner portfolios.

For more information about our railway engineering qualifications please visit our website, or contact our Customer Services team on 01923 652400 or email [email protected]