The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has issued a safety alert that states any welding activity producing fumes must be managed appropriately.

The EAL Level 1 Introduction to Welding Fume Hazard Control (601/8138/2) has been developed in consultation with college, training associations and industry to ensure learners will be provided with the fundamental knowledge to manage welding fumes appropriately.

The qualification is endorsed by the HSE, Weldability SiF and a number post-16 providers as facilitating progression to a range of engineering apprenticeships or a post-16 learning programmes at Level 2 and 3.

This qualification is predominantly for learners involved in an apprenticeship or full-time education who want to develop their understanding in welding and cutting fumes and gases hazard control. The qualification can also be used to provide Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for anyone involved in the engineering sector who requires a fundamental understanding of welding and cutting fumes and gases hazard control.

The content and structure of the qualification have been developed to provide learners with a fundamental knowledge of the hazards associated with breathing welding and cutting fumes and gases. It will also provide the learner with knowledge of how to demonstrate good working practices by using engineering controlled solutions in order to reduce exposure to fumes and gases when welding and cutting.

Read more about the safety alert here

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