Qualifications Leading to Gas Safe Recognition 

There have been several key updates across this suite of qualifications and here are the headlines to help you incorporate the changes successfully into your programs of study.

The qualifications directly impacted by these changes are: 

Matters of Gas Safety (MoGS Workbooks) 

The Matters of Gas safety are reviewed annually by EU Skills, after the last review there were several changes that have impacted the criteria in EAL’s MoGS workbooks, these changes have been incorporated in the relevant sections within the qualifications that lead to Gas Safe Recognition, these changes need to be implanted from 1st March 2022.

Assessment Planning and Tracking Document

To help support the assessment planning and tracking of the learners the X200 has been incorporated into the Assessment Planning and Tracking Document, which also incorporate all the feedback sheets required for the Gas Training IGEM requirements within one document to make things more manageable. 

EU Skills Gas Assessment Strategy Update

To follow up on the changes made to the Gas Assessment Strategy, EAL has updated the Gas Performance Learner Packs to incorporate the changes, the new documentation must be used for all new entrants registered from September 2021

For further information on all the changes and enhancements please check the relevant Qualification Amendment Document via our On-line services portal.