EAL’s Flexible Solutions are designed to support you and your company with existing or planned training and development programmes. Adding the assurance of independent accreditation and credibility, they deliver the rigour and validity that EAL qualifications are synonymous with.

Working with our team of industry experts, we’ll develop an approach that’s both fit for purpose and right for your business. This tailored approach means your business gets the level of assurance it needs - whether that’s accrediting in-house training or developing a complete bespoke qualification.

We offer a range of levels for assessment and validation support:

  • Certificate of attendance – formalised recognition of learner attendance and participation
  • Certificate of achievement – independent recognition that your learners meet the required aims and objectives of your company’s training programme.
  • EAL vocational qualification – designed to meet your specific business needs, and with the hallmark of a national qualification, this option is unique to your business without being regulated.
  • National regulated bespoke vocational qualification – unique to your business, a fully regulated qualification, designed for your specific business needs.
  • Modification of an existing regulated qualification – sometimes the most effective solution is to modify or adapt an existing qualification to suit your particular needs.

When it comes to developing solutions for our customers’ assessment or qualifications needs, we’ve got it covered.

For more information about our Flexible Solutions please visit our website, or contact our Customer Services team on 01923 652400 or email [email protected]