New guidance has been issued by the Education and Skills Funding Agency to inform training providers, employers and apprentices about the need for, and importance of initial assessment (IA) and recognition of prior learning (PL).

Key Points: 

  1. Recognition of prior learning extends beyond English, maths and existing qualifications;
  2. All the knowledge, skills and behaviours set out in the standard should be considered in reviewing the prior learning of the apprentice;
  3. Recognition of prior learning is part of the learner eligibility assessment;
  4. Apprenticeships could be poor value for money and unnecessarily long if training covers areas that the apprentice already knows, and public funding should not be used for learning which is not new;
  5. Initial assessment is vital to ensure high-quality apprenticeships and Ofsted inspections look for evidence of a robust initial assessment.

This guidance provides additional information to support initial assessment of prior learning in accordance with the policy intent and the apprenticeship funding rules.

Read the full guidance here

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