The WorldSkills UK team (pictured below) has arrived in Leipzig, Germany, and are ready to do battle against the rest of the World in the engineering and manufacturing Olympics.

Some of the UK’s most talented electrical installers, welders, auto repairers, mechatronics experts and manufacturers will pit their world class skills against over 1,000 competitors from Germany, France, USA, Brazil, China and almost 50 other nations.

Among the UK’s engineering team are Ben Shaw, 20, from Nottingham, Ben Anderson, 21, from Clitheroe, and Matt Page, 21, from Stoke-on-Trent. All three have undertaken EAL qualifications to get where they are – competing among the best in the world in their chosen professions.

Ben Anderson, who works for MotorSport Advanced Development and gained his qualifications through Training 2000, said: “I’ve been in Team UK for about six months but I’ve been going through this process, to get here, for around two years now. I’m looking forward to the competition and I’m keen to get into it and get started.”

Ben Shaw, who works for The University of Nottingham and gained his qualifications through South Nottingham College, added: “I’m looking forward to getting the competition started! It’s been a big build up and there’s been a lot of training. Lots of hours have gone into it and I’ve been all over the country. So it’s good to be here now and I’m looking forward to getting in there and getting the job done.”

Ann Watson, Managing Director at EAL, said: “I wish the team the best of luck in the upcoming competition. The UK produces some of the world’s best manufacturers and engineers, with high quality skills and training providing the foundation for their successful careers.

“EAL is proud to have been a part in the training of members of Team UK’s engineering competitors. We are sure they will put the skills and knowledge they have gained from their qualifications to good use in the competition.”

WorldSkills sees the most talented young people from all over the world compete to win Gold, Silver and Bronze medals.  At the WorldSkills competition in Leipzig, running from 2 – 7 July, Team UK will be competing against apprentices with the aim of being named the ‘Best in the World’ in their chosen skill.

Team UK, who are all aged between 18 – 25, will compete in 30 skills ranging from Electrical Installation, Welding, Autobody Repair to Cooking, Landscape Gardening and Bricklaying.

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