EAL welcomes the inclusion of more vocational qualifications into Performance League Tables.

Vocational qualifications with equal status to A Levels will help break down the academic snobbery barriers that have stigmatised vocational qualifications for many years, EAL’s managing director Julia Chippendale said today.

The Government has announced a series of qualifications that will be included in performance league tables for 14-16 and 16-19 learners in England from 2017.

Among them will be 11 technical qualifications from EAL, the specialist awarding organisation for industry, covering engineering, technology, electrical installation and plumbing.

Chippendale said: “The Government’s announcement is another positive move towards putting vocational career pathways on the same level as academic studies.”

“Time and again we hear from young people that they are actively discouraged from following vocational career pathways and pushed down the university route by schools, colleges and their own parents.”

“Yet the evidence is clear – the vocational route allows young people to earn while they learn while not accumulating debt at university, learning skills which make them employable for life and still having the opportunity to continue Higher Education while in work.”

“Our qualifications are developed alongside employers to ensure they meet their current and future needs, while training providers and learners are supported by our expert external verifiers all of whom have worked within the industries they are responsible for.”

“I hope today will help remove the academic snobbery and stigma which still exists around vocational qualifications but have been long treasured by employers, learners and those working in Further Education.”

Last month EAL launched its Closer to Industry pledge at a Parliamentary reception along with the second annual survey by the Industry Apprentice Council (IAC).

Set up and funded by specialist industry awarding organisation EAL with support from IMI Awards, the leading awarding body for the retail motor industry, the IAC has become a positive force for change.

In a series of presentations, the young apprentices highlighted the stigma and prejudice they faced following the vocational route – highlighting why there is much work still to do to have apprenticeships seen on an equal footing with doing a degree at university.

Results of the IAC’s second survey are due out in the New Year and are expected to reinforce the need to do more to promote vocational pathways.

Chippendale added: “I am very proud of the part the IAC is playing in shifting the debate and there is no doubt having technical certificates in Performance League Tables will focus attention on the value of vocational education. We urge schools and University Technical Colleges to sign our Closer to Industry pledge now – ahead of the publication of the Performance League Tables.”

By signing EAL’s Closer to Industry pledge the participating schools/UTCs will agree to:

  • provide unbiased careers advice and promote apprenticeships and the vocational route as equal to the academic route into higher education
  • invite industry apprentices to visit their school to share their personal experiences with students and talk about careers in industry
  • work with local employers to offer their students a chance to experience work in modern-day industry through careers fairs, work experience and visits.

Schools who sign the pledge will be able to display the badge (CLOSER TO INDUSTRY WITH EAL) on their website and in school literature, be supplied the latest updates on vocational opportunities for students and pupils – and be connected to local industries which need to secure a skilled workforce in order to grow their business.

EAL is committed to widening its offer of engineering and building services qualifications into schools, UTC’s and centres that want to offer qualifications on performance tables. The following are the newly approved Ofqual DFE EAL qualifications:

Qualifications that will count in the 2017 key stage 4 performance tables in the technical award category at 14-16

600/6867/X     EAL Level 2 First Certificate in Engineering Technology
501/0386/6      EAL Level 1 Certificate in Engineering and Technology
600/6868/1      EAL Level 2 First Diploma in Engineering Technology
601/4560/2      EAL Level 1 Foundation Certificate in Engineering Technology

Qualifications that will count in the 2017 16-19 performance tables in the technical certificate category

601/4561/4      EAL Level 2 Intermediate Diploma in Electrical Installation
601/4562/6      EAL Level 2 Intermediate Diploma in Plumbing

Qualifications that will count in the 2017 16-19 performance tables in the tech level category

600/9331/6      EAL Level 3 Diploma In Electrical Installation
600/8595/2      EAL Level 3 Diploma In Plumbing and Heating
601/4563/8      EAL Level 3 Advanced Diploma in Electrical Installation
601/4564/X     EAL Level 3 Advanced Diploma in Engineering Technology
601/4567/5      EAL Level 3 Advanced Diploma in Plumbing


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