EAL's Elizabeth Bonfield calls on industry training providers to aim high in the face of spending cuts

Following David Milliband’s speech to the CBI yesterday, a leading industry figure called for training providers to remain committed to delivering high quality training in the face of inevitable budget cuts.

Echoing her comments after her presentation to the GTA Conference, Elizabeth Bonfield, Head of Business Development at leading awarding organisation EAL (EMTA Awards Limited), called for the industry to ensure that the need for competitive pricing did not affect the quality of training delivered.

“Training, whether invested in developing an apprentice, up-skilling an experienced worker, or giving a company director the skills to grow their business, is a strategic and holistic investment. Those responsible for delivering it must continue to do so to the highest possible industry standards, even as training budgets will no doubt come under scrutiny,” she said.

Bonfield highlighted the similarities between GTA England and EAL and the benefits which the recent partnership between the two organisations would have for training providers. Most important, she said, was the fact that commitment to industry standards was central to both organisations’ raison d’être. “Self regulation and the delivery of bespoke training programmes which reflect the demands of the sector are at the heart of the work that both GTA England and EAL undertake. This is why the partnership is a natural fit, and one that is truly positive for the industry.”

She continued: “In the current financial climate, we understand that all companies are looking to reduce costs while retaining value for money. As a result, we have ensured that, where possible, our newly developed qualifications can be assessed online, modernising the process and reducing the cost of administration without compromising the quality of what’s being delivered. This means more money can be invested in ensuring the highest standard of teaching while remaining competitive over pricing. Cuts in funding should not mean cuts in standards.”




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