EAL Welcomes Educative Elements

Chancellor George Osborne’s commitment to fund a programme creating 20 University Technical Colleges (UTCs), 20 school studios and 180 new free schools per year has been given top marks by EAL, the specialist awarding organisation for industry qualifications.

The reforms, aimed at ‘equipping young people with the skills that they need to succeed’, outlined in the House of Commons today, have been warmly welcomed for providing a clearer vocational path from education to industry.

More than 500,000 people have embarked on an EAL course in the last five years alone and the organisation is recognised as a leader in its field.

EAL’s Managing Director Ann Watson said: “The Government is re-emphasising its desire to ensure that education is equipped to meet the needs of industry.

“EAL is dedicated to helping dovetail industry and education. We therefore welcome the Government’s commitments, such as the announcement that the traineeships programme will be extended to 19-24 year olds, which will help support young people entering into industry.

“It is imperative for the future of our economy that the system delivers the right people with the right skills to the appropriate employers when and where they are needed.”

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