Using technology to overcome the challenges of the new economic reality

EAL has announced its sponsorship of the Trades e-Academy - a new venture to make increasing use of technology to deliver training to the trades sector.

The Trades e-Academy has been created by Virtual College, a pioneer in e-learning, following the success of its first online 17th Edition training course for the building services industry.

Both sector specialist awarding organisation, EAL (EMTA Awards Limited), and Virtual College see the opportunity to develop this concept through the Trades e-Academy.

By offering a full range of web-based courses via the internet at a time and place that suits trades professionals, learners can undertake training without having to compromise on work commitments.

By removing the traditional fixed-costs associated with training, Virtual College can provides learners with access to a variety of training programmes at a fraction of the cost.

The online 17th Edition course is the product of a partnership with electrical specialist, NICEIC, to ensure the course delivers the skills electricians need. The course accurately reflects the qualification requirements and in doing so, maintains a reputation for excellence in customer service.  Successful learners are awarded with an accredited qualification on completion of the course. (If we include this paragraph, this may be best to wait until Bill has ensured it matched the course exactly to EAL requirements)

EAL Managing Director, Ann Watson, hails Virtual College’s newly launched Trades e-Academy as a ‘new breed’ of learning solutions.  “What’s great about these courses is that they will provide learners with the flexibility to work in an environment and at a pace that is best for them.”

Tony Linton, of Linton Electrical Essex, has recently completed the 17th edition course and says “The software is excellent.  When you’re taught in a classroom the lessons can be slow, whereas this course has kept my concentration throughout”.

At a time when capital for training is in short supply, Virtual College can offer a greater number of courses to fewer learners, as traditional costs such as classrooms and teachers are removed.

Bill Brady, Head of the Trades e-Academy, says: “The new economic reality dictates a new approach to learning. The aim of the Trades e-Academy is to provide quality learning solutions which are flexible and reduce costs for both learners and those involved in training provision.”



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