Companies Could ‘Gift’ Apprenticeships To SMEs and Community - Minister Reveals

British businesses will soon be able to boost their supply chains and benefit their local communities – by presenting them with funded apprenticeships – a Minister has revealed.

Skills Minister Nick Boles, MP, told the All Party Parliamentary Group on Apprenticeships that Government were planning to allow businesses to ‘donate’ apprenticeships to others.

The APPG, sponsored by industry specialist awarding organisation EAL, heard that proposals about to be introduced to Parliament included this policy shift.

The Apprenticeship Levy – to be paid by ‘larger companies’ employing apprentices - will help fund a system of tokens to be exchanged for training youngsters and up skilling the current workforce.

Skills Minister Nick Boles MP told more than 200 attendees:

“One thing that we are going to do is make it possible for every business to invest their levy vouchers in apprenticeships not for their own employees – but to their customers their suppliers or maybe the company opposite you in the industrial park."  

“I want you to feel that you have a stake in the value created by that levy you have paid.”

EAL Managing Director Julia Chippendale said: “This is a terrific concept and a wonderful boost to SMEs – which took the meeting by surprise."

“Industry has been looking for innovative ideas to secure the supply chain – so vital to keep the system functioning – and this is just that.”

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