The Federation of Awarding Bodies (FAB) welcomes Ann Watson as Executive Board Member

Leading vocational awarding organisation EAL (EMTA Awards Limited) is pleased to announce the recent appointment of managing director, Ann Watson, to the Federation of Awarding Bodies (FAB)’s Executive Board.

FAB is the primary membership organisation for vocational awarding bodies in the UK. With more than 97 of its [total] members recognised by Ofqual, FAB provides a forum for awarding bodies to discuss and coordinate a collective response to developments within vocational qualifications.  Ann will join other Executive Board members in fostering positive relationships between awarding bodies and key organisations, as well as pursuing an ongoing dialogue with Government and its agencies.

Ann’s appointment to FAB will position EAL at the top table; recognising EAL as an innovative awarding organisation, which advocates greater consistency between all awarding bodies.  Ann’s greater involvement will allow EAL to keep fully abreast of issues affecting qualifications, while taking a strategic lead to influence developments in a way that truly benefits customers, employers and learners alike.

Ann Watson says: “I am absolutely delighted to have been chosen to sit on FAB’s Executive Board and it’s an honour to be voted in by fellow peers from other awarding organisations.  EAL has a long standing reputation of delivering excellence and my recent appointment means our customers will benefit from a more collective approach to training and development.  With the new coalition Government now firmly in place, and starting to actively influence key areas such as Higher Education, I am looking forward to championing developments in a way that positively impacts all learners, as well as the industries that they contribute to.”



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