Our parent company, Enginuity 's Standards and Frameworks department are leading a UK wide review of the following National Occupational Standards (NOS) and qualification structures:

  • Automotive Engineering Suite 3
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering Suite 3
  • Materials Processing and Finishing Suite 2
  • Materials Processing and Finishing Suite 3

The current suites of NOS and qualifications were developed in partnership with employers and other appropriate organisations across the UK. NOS set out the skills, knowledge and understanding required by employers to undertake a particular task or job role to a nationally recognised level of competence, helping formalise training requirements for employers and employees across the UK.

They also form the basis of all vocational qualifications including those used in Apprenticeship Frameworks. As part of our philosophy of continuous improvement, Enginuity is now requesting
feedback from relevant stakeholders to ascertain whether the current NOS are still fit for purpose and if not what changes are required?

The key areas that the review will focus on:

  • Are the current occupational pathways (job roles) still relevant and current in the structures?
  • If not, what changes are required? Such as the addition of more optional units?
  • Are there any missing NOS that should be developed and be included?
  • Is the content of the NOS technically correct?
  • Is there anything missing in the scope of the NOS and/or knowledge statements?
  • Is there anything that should not be in the NOS e.g. redundant procedures/ processes/equipment?
  • Is it clear what must be completed in order to achieve the NOS?
  • Can the outcomes specified in the NOS be achieved in the workplace?

Review Timescales

The projects begin in August 2019 and are scheduled to complete by January 2020 including a UK wide employer and stakeholder consultation.

How to get involved?

If you would like to take part in the review of the standards please contact the Enginuity Standards and Frameworks team via email [email protected]