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  • Embracing the Future: EAL's Pioneering Green Skills Initiatives

In the coming years, it's projected that green skills and professions will constitute a significant 15% of the overall job market. 

Last month, our Industry and Portfolio Manager for Engineering and Manufacturing, Rob Stott, attended the International Green Skills Conference. The event was jointly hosted by the UK Government Department for Education and Times Higher Education and delved into the emerging challenges and opportunities within the realm of green skills training and green career pathways.

As we look ahead, the journey toward achieving net zero emissions is set to reshape the workforce profoundly in the next three decades. In the United Kingdom alone, it is anticipated that approximately 6.3 million jobs will transform as we transition to a green economy. This global shift is reflected in the increasing demand for green skills, with LinkedIn job postings requiring such skills growing at an impressive rate of 8% annually. 

The conference served as an essential gathering, bringing together a diverse array of stakeholders essential for addressing these challenges and capitalising on the opportunities at hand. This included representatives from the further and higher education sectors, businesses, policymakers, young individuals, adult learners, and international partners. 

At EAL, we're actively working on a new Level 2 sustainability unit, currently in development. This exciting addition can benefit apprentices, adults, and full-time learners or be a valuable resource for upskilling your workforce. 

Contact Rob Stott to learn more about EAL's green initiatives and offerings.