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IAC Survey countdown!

With only a few days remaining until the deadline of Friday 19th February 2016 for survey entries, the third annual IAC survey is expected to prove the most popular yet.

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Curriculum Planning Roadshow with EAL

Join us at one of our FREE national roadshow events and learn more about how EAL can support you and your learners throughout the complete learner journey.

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IAC Survey – tell us what you think and win!

Running until Friday 19th February 2016, the third annual IAC survey has been designed to provide a picture of the apprentice community’s views on the key issues affecting vocational pathways.

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New case study: EC4U - Switched on to practical learning

Our latest case study highlights the inspiration behind the creation of Electrician Courses 4U (EC4U), and how their specifically designed workshops and unique Experience Course create an effective and dynamic learning environment with an emphasis on realistic scenarios.

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Curriculum Planning Roadshow with EAL

Join EAL experts at one of our FREE national roadshow events and learn more about how EAL can support you and your learners throughout the complete learner journey.

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Engineering Talent

The world of online and digital learning has changed.

It used to be difficult to access and expensive but now we are able to learn at the touch of a button or on the flick of the finger.


In a world where learning is this accessible, how do we know the learning resources can be trusted? If they are reliable? If they are authentic.


Why should you use Engineering Talent?

01. Valid. Reliable. Trusted.
Engineering Talent's purpose is to make life easier.

We source reliable and trusted content and map it to the qualifications you offer. We deliver this validated resource straight onto the screen from a multitude of different suppliers.

EAL quality assure all of the preloaded resources that are in Engineering Talent through a dedicated team of qualified curators.
These certified training resources are brought together all in one place from the leading suppliers of online learning materials such as Electude and The Learning Lounge.

So rather than you having to manually source independent systems for useful resources; the library is already pre-populated with relevant content that will continually evolve to suit your engineering delivery needs.

  • Verified by EAL Curators
  • Sourced on your behalf
  • Evolving Library

02. Intuitive Design
Nowadays our expectations have changed, the ease of searching, and browsing is a given.

This is due to the likes of online streaming services and media hubs, which have paved the way of how we expect information to be delivered to us. Personalised content suitable to our needs.

Engineering Talent has been constructed to behave just like these ever-popular libraries of media. It creates an intuitive personalisation of a learners' home screen, suited to their programme of study and their video history.

  • Personalised & Intuitive
  • Searchable Content
  • Anytime, Anywhere

03. Easy, Relevant & Accessible
Browse and direct the pre-loaded content to your learners within a matter of minutes.

Not only do we curate resources for specialisms in engineering, but there are useful generic resources for learners to enhance their skills along their learning journey, from employability to dedicated materials to support the safeguarding and Prevent agenda.

What's more, candidates can rate all the content provided within the system, so you and EAL curators can continually check that the resources are of use and up to date.

  • Be up and running in minutes
  • Bulk upload details or add individually
  • All types of resource

04. Customisable
Add your own content too!

If you already have relevant content you use, then why not add it to your library? If you come across further suitable content outside of what is already in the library, you can upload it into the system and push it towards particular groups of learners by simply tagging them and the learning modules it suits.

We have made it easy to group learners and tag resources to make sure the right materials are being accessed by the right individuals. Multiple groups can be created to suit learning programmes, start dates, locations, tutor groups and much more.

  • Build cohorts of different learners
  • Push content you want them to see
  • Upload your own learning content

05. Opportunity awaits
We want to give learners the best potential chance to become the engineers they are striving to be.

We've ensured that they can do this directly within Engineering Talent. We've embedded the UK's leading apprenticeship Talent Portal into the platform.

Whether you are looking to attract the brightest talent or want to assist those with a keen interest in engineering, there are thousands of potential applicants within the system to connect with who have already highlighted their interest in the sector.

The Talent Portal can also assist in the opportunity of helping learners to find that dream job.

  • Find those with an engineering interest
  • Talent Portal
  • Employer recognised

To find out how you can gain access give us a call on 01923 652400 or contact [email protected].

We now have a release programme underway which is open to those who complete qualifications with us in Electrotechnical.

To register your interest in becoming one of the earliest adopters of this learning evolution please give us a call on 01923 652400 or contact [email protected]


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