In our Summer edition of RevEAL we announced that we'd recently conducted our 2019 Customer Satisfaction survey. Thank you to all those customers who took part and gave up their valuable time to contribute – your opinions really do count.

We're delighted to announce that with a score of 86.3% we are in the top quartile of the Customer Satisfaction Index League Table for the 9th year in a row.

We made a number of key improvements over the past twelve months in response to your invaluable feedback from the previous survey, and scores across the board show that these improvements have been recognised with increased satisfaction ratings in nearly all areas that we surveyed.

We are currently analysing the 2019 survey results to ensure that we understand what matters to you most and in planning our key priorities for the coming year. We know that you'd like us to keep you more informed, not just about specific issues you have raised with us, but also about changes to processes that affect you, and updates on new products and services that we are introducing.

We will be keeping you informed over the coming weeks and months through future editions of Spotlight and RevEAL about the progress we have made so far and the planned improvements that we will focus on for this coming year. We are passionate about the service we provide to our customers and thank you for your continued support and contribution to our ongoing drive for continuous improvement.

To find out more give us a call on 01923 652400 or contact [email protected].