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  • Updated Examination Requirements: Instructions for Conducting Examinations within EAL Qualifications

As part of our approach to continuously improve our policies and centre guidance, we have recently reviewed and updated our Instructions for Conducting Examinations within EAL qualifications.

In response to feedback from centres, we have included more detail on the invigilation requirements for examinations. The instructions provide details of how you, as a recognised EAL centre, should manage, conduct and monitor examinations within EAL qualifications and actions that should be taken by individuals involved in the examination process.

Centres must ensure that this document is provided to each supervisor/invigilator for use prior to and during the examinations, and all staff and students should to be made aware of the content where applicable.

The document is now available on our website. It can also be accessed in Smarter Touch and is linked to the centre's home page for quick reference.

Download the exams system user guide.

If you have any queries please contact our Customer Experience team or call 01923 652400.